ALPHA is the first step in discipleship because it helps you to locate where you are in your spiritual journey. It is designed to bridge the gap between where you are and where God has for you.
Our goal is to connect you with ways to gather in community at WBC, grow in your spiritual life, and go serve God throughout our community and the world. You can think about it as basic training or a launch pad, but we want you to join ALPHA because we want you to get to know us and we want to get to know you as we all pursue Jesus together. 
ALPHA incorporates three weeks in person, multiple online resources, and the opportunity to continue into more intense trainings like DISCOVER, Group Launch, and eventually Groups. 
ALPHA exists to help you draw near to God. Through spiritual rhythms, engaging new resources, and a solid plan, we hope to help you draw close to God with our time together.
ALPHA challenges participants to be serious about their walk with Jesus and how it can impact their life and expand the kingdom. We aren’t here to be comfortable, we are here to be faithful.
ALPHA builds community among our guests and our pastors. We believe this is a critical part of our church health because it allows us to work together for your good and the glory of God.