What is next for you at WBC? ALPHA is a starting point for your spiritual journey. We want to equip you with 4 basic components to your spiritual journey. You can expect to be better prepared to: 1. read and study the Bible, 2. spend quality time with God (called spiritual disciplines or Habits of Grace), 3. how to engage culture as a Christian, 4. how to share the gospel.

 What is it like? You will be paired up with a “coach.” The coach will work with you and a few others to develop a plan to grow through the 4 week experience. Each week you will experience a training session, coaching session, and fellowship with other people.

Why should you do ALPHA? ALPHA will help you learn the basics of Christianity. It is the first step in our discipleship pathway.

1. It will equip you to share the gospel with others.

2. You will meet new believers, new members, and pastors/leaders.

3. Many people struggle with growing after they become Christians, we don’t want you to feel that way. We care about you! Grow with us, it begins here with ALPHA.