WBC is a church that develops and deploys disciples both locally and globally. We have made a long-term commitment with Bethany Baptist Church in Macaty, Haiti and surrounding communities in Cap Hatien, Haiti to provide discipleship training for pastors and leaders through conferences, workshops, church planting and revitalization. As we share the gospel and identify needs in the villages, we assist in community development through construction projects, clean water wells/latrines, and child sponsorship. We help provide food, teach music camps, and lead VBS. We envision these communities one day being self-sustaining and thriving and will continue to help them with a holistic approach of income-generation, education, and meeting physical and spiritual needs.

The congregation here at WBC, through donations to our Haiti Food Fund, helped supply food to Cap-Haitien, Haiti during a week long camp for teens led by Pastor Julio.
Cap-Haitien, Haiti